We will introduce you to excellent staff members who are a perfect fit for your company.

We specialize in finding talent that matches well with a company's needs.

Features and Reasons for Being Chosen

A job information website suitable for searching for talents

Global talent

By using part-time foreign staff recruitment sites, you can access a diverse talent pool.

Language & Cultural Skills

Companies targeting international markets need employees with specific language abilities and cultural knowledge.

Addressing Labor Shortage

In Japan, where there is a labor shortage due to aging and a low birth rate, hiring foreign part-time workers is an effective solution.


By hiring foreign part-time staff, you can become adaptable to fluctuations in demand.

Economic Efficiency

Part-time foreign staff provide services at competitive rates, which is particularly advantageous for startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Selection of Excellent Foreign Talent

We will introduce excellent foreign talents, but before that, we will confirm their Japanese language ability and suitability.

Simple Process

The process from inquiries to job posting will be pretty simple.

  • Step 01. Inquiries
    Our sales representative will ask you about the background and your requests for recruitment.
  • Step 02. Meeting
    Our sales representative will ask in detail about the purpose, issues, budget, etc., of the recruitment, and will propose the most suitable service and content for the manuscript.
  • Step 03. Job Posting Creation
    Once you've approved our proposal and applied, we will begin creating the manuscript.
  • Step 04. Start of Posting
    After confirming that there are no places in the manuscript that need to be corrected, we will start posting.
How can a company post job listings on the website?
In order to post job information on our site, you first need to create a company account. After registering and confirming your email address, log into your account and click the "Post a Job" button. Enter all the information needed for the job, such as job type, job description, required qualifications, salary range, and work location. After confirming the details, click "Submit" to post the job information.
Can I edit or delete the job information I've posted?
Yes, you can edit or delete the job information you've posted. To do this, log into your company account, go to your job listing, and select the job information you want to edit or delete. The modified content will be reviewed by our team to ensure it meets our guidelines. After that, it will be reflected on the website.
How do I access and review applications for my company's jobs?
When a job seeker applies for your job, an email notification will be sent to the email address associated with your company account. In addition, by logging into your account and going to the "Applications" section, you can check all applications, download resumes, and manage applicants.
Is there a limit to the number of job postings a company can post on the site?
The number of job postings that can be posted on the site depends on the package your company chooses. With the basic package, the number of job postings you can post per month is limited, but we also offer premium packages that allow you to post more job postings. For more details, please see our pricing page.
How can my company be featured on the site's homepage or promotional materials?
We offer promotional opportunities for companies who want to get seen by more job seekers and increase visibility. This includes being featured on our homepage, in our newsletters, and on our social media promotions. To discuss these opportunities and the associated costs, please contact our sales team.