1. About Login and Password
1.1 "Incorrect User ID/Password" is displayed and I cannot log in
1.2 I want to change my password
1.3 I do not receive a password guidance email
2. About Job Information
2.1 I applied for a job that was posted, but it was already closed. Also, job information that should have been closed is posted again
2.2 I want to ask questions about job content and conditions
2.3 I want to confirm if my application was successful
2.4 What should I do after applying?
2.5 There is no contact from the company after applying
3. Frequently Asked Questions
3.1 How to Find Part-time Jobs of Limited Language Proficiency?
3.2 How to apply for a part-time job?
3.3 How to write a part-time job resume?
3.4 How to prepare for a part-time job interview?
3.5 Am I at a disadvantage compared to those who have the qualification?
3.6 Is it okay to contact them if a week has passed and I haven't received the interview result?
3.7 What about notice of working conditions?
3.8 What are the greetings and manners for the first day of work as a part-time employee?
3.9 Is there a trial period or training period? If so, what is the duration and hourly wage?
3.10 What should I do if the company doesn't have a labor contract?
3.11 Will transportation expenses be fully reimbursed?
3.12 Can I work at my desired workplace?
3.13 What about overtime pay, late-night work allowance, and holiday work allowance?
3.14 Is there no overtime pay for part-time jobs?
3.15 Is there paid vacation for part-time workers?
3.16 Does the company work rules apply to part-time workers as well?
3.17 Do I have to join the national pension system even if I work part-time?
3.18 If I get injured while working part-time, will the company cover medical expenses.
3.19 What about working hours, break time, holidays, and paid vacation?
3.20 How about salary and treatment?
3.21 Are social insurance benefits fully provided?
3.22 Can you explain about health insurance and welfare pension insurance?
3.23 What is employment insurance and workers compensation insurance?
3.24 What should I do if my company is violating labor laws or other laws?
3.25 How should I decide the timing for a job change?
3.26 How do I quit my part-time job?
3.27 What about dismissal?