10 months
3 days a week ~ Meal assistance available Details of food manufacturing staff jobs
Temporary staff

3 days a week ~ Meal assistance available Details of food manufacturing staff jobs

Factory/manufacturing ・ Manufacturing industry
Language skills
Hourly 1,150¥ (transport)
Weekly payment Meal and meal assistance available Ashikaga Station Ashikagashi Station Yashuyamabe Station

WBP Group Co., Ltd.

【Employment status】
Temporary staff

Food production and sales Bento shop Manufacturing industry

Hourly wage 1200 yen + transportation expenses * Weekly payment possible (with regulations)

【Working hours】
(A) 06:00~15:00 (B) 09:00~18:00

【Work location】
Destination/(1) Oura District, Gunma Prefecture (2) Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture

(1) Ouracho/Honnakano Station (2) Ashikaga City/Ken Station…4-5 minutes by car

Social insurance complete, transportation expenses stipulated, car commuting allowed,
Free parking available, meal assistance (free), uniform rental

[Holidays and vacations]
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

【job description】
At the bento factory, food preparation, heat cooking,
decoration work, etc. 3 days a week ~ double work is also ok!

[Period of work]
within 3 months

[Company name]
WBP Group Co., Ltd.
1179-7 Nirazukacho, Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture

[Business description]
Dispatch business (ha 28-300888) *workplace tours available

[Post-application process]
On-site interviews and telephone interviews are also possible. Please feel free to contact us.
If you wish, you can visit the workplace first, and if you think it's impossible, you can decline the selection at that time!

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