10 months
Forklift Operator Job Details
Temporary staff

Forklift Operator Job Details

Sales ・ Sales-related Temporary Staff
Language skills
Hourly 1,350¥ (transport)
Weekly payment Orihara Station Yorii Station Youdo Station Obusuma Station Hachigata Station Tamayodo Station Minami Yorii Station Omaeda Station Sakurazawa Station

WBP Group Co., Ltd. Gunma Sales Office
/New/ Comfortable with plenty of rest until the end of the year
// I can easily get used to my work
/Wear/ Folk Staff x Yorii Town

【Employment status】
Temporary staff


Hourly wage 1350 yen ~ + transportation expenses * Weekly payment possible (with regulations)

【Working hours】
08:30-17:00 (1 hour break/7.5 hours actual work)

【Work location】
Dispatch destination: Yorii-cho, Osato-gun, Saitama Prefecture/workplace tours available
*Comfortable environment with air conditioning and heating!

4 minutes by car from JR Hachiko Line "Orihara Station"

Full social insurance Transportation expenses regulation payment

* Commuting by car/motorcycle/bicycle is possible (parking lot available)

Weekly payment available (with rules) Lockers and uniforms available

[Holidays and vacations]
[According to factory calendar]

* April…Saturdays and Sundays off
*From May: Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Fridays twice a month
* From the end of the year to March…Saturday work may be required depending on the busy season

【job description】
The dispatch destination is a general office supplies manufacturer.
At a factory that mainly handles stationery,
I will leave the fork business to you. reach and
Both counters are used, but one is practical
Even if you don't have much experience, please apply!

Fork license required (3 months or more work experience)

[Recommended point]
/New/ Comfortable with plenty of rest until the end of the year
// I can easily get used to my work
/Wear/ Folk Staff x Yorii Town

[Company name]
WBP Group Co., Ltd. Gunma Sales Office
1179-7 Nirazukacho, Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture

[Business description]
Dispatch business (ha 28-300888)

【Application method】
Business trip/telephone interview possible

[Post-application process]
On-site interviews and telephone interviews are also possible. Please feel free to contact us.
If you wish, you can visit the workplace first, and if you think it's impossible, you can decline the selection there!

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