11 months
<Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays off> Details of job offers for (1) light work (2) clerical work dealing with Korean cosmetics
Temporary staff

<Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays off> Details of job offers for (1) light work (2) clerical work dealing with Korean cosmetics

Clerical work ・ Temporary work related to clerical work
Language skills
Hourly 1,150¥or more (transport)
Short term One-time / 1 day OK Weekly payment No overtime Inexperienced / Beginner OK Housewives and househusbands welcome Beards, nails, piercings OK Kohama Station Sumiyoshi Taisha Station Suminoe Station Shichido Station Sakai Station Tezukayama Station Sumiyoshihigashi Station Sawanomachi Station Abiko-mae Station Tamade Station Kitakagaya Station Suminoekoen Station Kaminoki Station Sumiyoshi Station Sumiyoshikoen Station Tsukanishi Station Higashikohama Station Sumiyoshitoriimae Station Hosoigawa Station Adachicho Station Abiko Road Station Ayanomachi Station Myokokuji-mae Station Hanadaguchi Station Ookoji Station Shukuin Station Terachicho Station Goryomae Station

Dealing with Korean cosmetics (1) light work (2) clerical work

Salary: (1) Hourly wage 1150 yen ~ (2) Hourly wage 1200 yen ~ ☆ Transportation expenses provision
Access: 5-minute walk from Nankohigashi Station ★On-site interviews underway
Working hours: (1) 9: 00-18: 00 Simple cosmetic sticker pasting, product picking, packing, delivery work, etc. (2) 9:00 to 18:00/17:00 negotiable We will leave the creation of invoices and other simple input work♪ No phone calls♪ You can concentrate on clerical work!

About your work

Job content

Business content
Temporary staffing/faction 28-300888

Example of shift/income

● Housewife (husband) who has a blank ⇒ Work after a long time because child care has settled down!
You can do it even if you are inexperienced, so you can rest assured even after a long time ◎
●It's about time to switch to a long-term, stable job instead of a short-term or one-off job!
It is a perfect job for such people ☆

Application Requirements


Dealing with Korean cosmetics (1) light work (2) clerical work


(1) Hourly wage 1,150 yen ~ (2) Hourly wage 1,200 yen ~ ☆Transportation expenses provision


Full social insurance, weekly payment OK (regulations),
Uniform ((1) safety shoes rental), no overtime,
Transportation expenses stipulated, hair color and nail OK

Transportation expenses

Regulation payment

Nankonan, Suminoe Ward, Osaka City (dispatch destination)
■ Nankohigashi Station - 5 minutes on foot
■ Provision of transportation expenses
■Motorbike/bicycle commuting OK (negotiable by car)
■ The office is clean and comfortable with air conditioning

Work location

Nankonan, Suminoe-ku, Osaka City (dispatch destination) A warehouse that handles Korean and imported cosmetics♪ ■Commuting by motorcycle or bicycle OK (negotiable by car) ■The office is clean, air-conditioned and comfortable
4-2-29 Higashi-Nambacho, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture (place of work)


5-minute walk from Nankohigashi Station ★On-site interviews underway

Qualification requirements

Inexperienced welcome! Active in their 20s to 50s!

Working hours

(1) 9:00-18:00
Simple cosmetic stickers,
Product picking, packing, delivery, etc.
(2) 9:00-18:00/17:00 negotiable
Creating invoices and other simple
I will leave the input work to you.
No phone calls ♪ You can concentrate on office work!

holiday vacation

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (company calendar)

working period

Minimum working period: 6 months or more
Minimum working days: 5 days a week
Minimum working hours: 8 hours per day

how to decide shift

◆9:00~18:00 ※Break 1h
Simple sorting, cosmetic labeling, product picking, packing, delivery, etc.

◆9:00-18:00 *Break 1h
*Working until 17:00 is negotiable
Responsible for invoice creation and other simple data entry tasks.
No phone calls ♪ You can concentrate on office work!

About application

Planned number of hires

6 to 10 people

Those who applied first will be notified of the selection, and the recruitment may be terminated as soon as the applicant is decided.
We appreciate your early application.
★No overtime ★Hair and nails OK



About us

Company Name

WBP Group Co., Ltd.

company address

WBP Building, 4-2-29 Higashi-Nambacho, Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture

Employment form/occupation supplement

Temporary staff

Light work [Temporary staff] Dealing with Korean cosmetics (1) Light work (2) Clerical work

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