11 months
<Weekdays only> Details of lift recruitment at a major food factory
Temporary staff

<Weekdays only> Details of lift recruitment at a major food factory

Factory/manufacturing ・ Manufacturing of metals and non-ferrous metals
Language skills
Hourly 1,450¥ (transport)
Weekly payment Inexperienced / Beginner OK Experienced and qualified people welcome Amagasaki Station Tachibana Station Big station Deyashiki Station Amagasaki Center Pool Mae Station

Exclusive day shift Lift at a major food factory

Salary: Hourly wage 1450 yen ~ Transportation expenses stipulated
Access: Naruohama, Nishinomiya City (commuting by car OK)
Working hours: Day shift/8:30-17:30

About your work

Job content

Inexperienced people are also welcome! OK if you have qualifications
◆Manufacturing factories for food essential to daily life
Leave the shipping and receiving work on the reach lift♪
◆ We also have employees of our company, so support is perfect!!!!
◆Age is unquestioned! People in their 20s to 50s are active.
Personality recruitment in progress! Please feel free to apply

Business content
Temporary staffing/faction 28-300888

Example of shift/income

★ Staff interview (50 years old: male)
The amount of work has decreased due to the influence of Corona,
I changed jobs because I couldn't get a stable income.
This place handles food.
It is easy to work because you can work safely, securely, and comfortably.

Application Requirements


Exclusive day shift Lift at a major food factory


Hourly wage 1450 yen ~ Transportation expenses provision


Weekly payment OK (regulation), complete with social insurance,
We have a regular employee promotion system (we also have a track record)
Uniform rental, company sales available, cafeteria available

Transportation expenses

Regulation payment

Work location

Naruohama, Nishinomiya City (dispatch destination) Car commuting OK ……◎ Free pick-up available ◎…… Operating from JR “Nishinomiya Station”, Hankyu “Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station”, Hanshin “Koshien Station”!!
4-2-29 Higashi-Nambacho, Amagasaki City (place of work)


Naruohama, Nishinomiya City (commuting by car OK)

Qualification requirements

Forklift license (beginners OK)

Working hours

Day shift/8:30~17:30

holiday vacation

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (factory calendar)

working period

Minimum working period: 1 year or more
Minimum working days: 5 days a week

About application

Planned number of hires

6 to 10 people

OK if you have the qualifications! No work experience required.
A forklift that makes good money!
We handle products from major manufacturers, so the amount of work is stable!
We also provide safety training, so you can start working with confidence.



About us

Company Name

WBP Group Co., Ltd.

company address

WBP Building, 4-2-29 Higashi-Nambacho, Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture

Employment form/occupation supplement

Temporary staff

Light work [Temporary employee] Day shift exclusive Lift at a major food factory

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